Monday, December 10, 2007

To Lisa- Tiny Tuppence aka Morticia the Peg Leg

Here's the second message that was sent to my blog, this one is from Lisa, my Sharon's friend.

HiYa Big Bollocks
Only me (Lisa)

Just a quickie --- to say look after my
little friend cause if you don't you will need more than the US army to protect you. You have got yourself a dirty bitch there! SO make sure you have been exercising because you are going to need the energy. As she is doing my head in talking about nipple clamps all th' time.

Good luck for everything you do as long as it is with Sharon - see ya later potata.

Raunchy and baudy, yes, Sharon can be, but there is so much more to her that I'll show you here on this blog below. Like I said in the post to Ian, I will look after Sharon, don't you worry! I know that you love Sharon as a sister and you're concerned, but let me tell you, I love her with all my heart and is the most precious thing to me. As far as the nipple clamps, I can't do nothing for you as YOU are the one who got her onto that subject! LOL!
As far as friends go, I do thank you for being there for her and being someone that she could share things with. You are one in a million and because you've given her so much happiness, I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for being someone who she could depend on, share things with, and provided her true friendship.
Over the past year and a half this has been like a journey for me. From absolute misery to paradise. Sharon has been the greatest EVERYTHING to me. Not only is she my perfection, she's so very....
Loving with pride in her Dad (and all others whom she loves)....

Beautiful in Texas...

Hilarious in London...

Sexy before going to the Bongo in Middlesbrough....

Stunning even in her kitchen...

Just look at her, isn't she blinding in her brilliance?!
Aaaaah the essence of my Sharon!
Not to mention, refined, intelligent, strong, romantic, maternal, classy, fabulous, feminine, ect. ect. I could go on and on! She is the yin to my yang, my absolute compliment in every way. Where I may be a bit rough and crude, she offers the refinement that is necessary to temper all of that in me. Never have I met a lady, other than my mother, who completely defines what a woman is. She is what I have always wanted and never had. You know, someone who is really special and only comes once in a life time. So, Lisa, you don't have to worry, because where Sharon takes good care of me, you can bet your bottom dollar, I will do the same for her! Isn't that what you do to the one who fits you like a glove?

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