Monday, September 3, 2007

First Post- Rules of Engagement

Ok, ladies and gents, let's get down to business. First of all, this is my second blog of this nature and while I certainly enjoy writing my views and opinions on things, my profession keeps me from fully venting exactly what I feel on certain subjects. So, the first blog had to be scrapped as I got off track and didn't want to risk making a fatal mistake by publishing something I shouldn't have.

So, in this new endeavor, I will comment on many of the things that I come across on my job, in my life and what I feel like commenting on, with my own censureship of myself in full swing.
As a military man, I must be mindful that I do have "brothers" in harms way and in no way will I discuss any dates, times, operations or any other item that may be used against them by the enemy. So, if you have any questions about military operations, ask someone else, as I am morally bound to keep my mouth shut, and firmly believe that we all should. I also will not discuss certain personal views about ongoing operations and the like, but general questions or comments about past military ventures you might get an answer out of me.

Questions about how I feel about Iraq and Afghanistan, I will reserve those subjects for when I get out of the Army. All I can say is that I support not only our soldiers over there, (as I too have been and plan on going again) and our government 100%, irregardless of what the majority of the American population is feeling right now. The main reason for this is because, I have been there, I REALLY know why we're there and fully support our being there for an indefinite period of time. Any more than that, you can ask my the "whys" later in about 3 years time, so please respect this point, and I'll respect you.

My main hope for this blog is to become an interactive type of thing, where people who comment on the many topics that do come up will put down what they feel and think as well. But, with that, I humbly ask that everyone who decides to post will respect the views of others and while many of these topics may be controversial, and often very heated issues, I will ask that we all remain not only civil, but very respectful.

Not only will I not tolerate any belittling, racism of any sort, name calling, personal attacks (overt or otherwise) or other childish antics, I will do what I can to ensure that any heated discussion is moderate things so they do remain "adult" in application, but will quickly quash any of the above mentioned actions with complete banning from this blog. That is: a fair arguement I can handle and strongly encourage, but personal attacks, and meanspirited actions will be handled with swift justice, if you will.
It has to be that way, as my main view for this blog is to bring knowledge and consiousness to all, while learning from what you all have to bring to the table so to speak.
So, if everyone can abide by the "rules" so to speak, let's begin with my first subject of a very long list of social and cultural issues.