Monday, December 10, 2007

To Ian. An apology of sorts...

My apologies to all of Sharon's friends in the UK, but no matter what you do, I have to take her away from you....

This post is in response to Sharon's boss Ian, who I am told is a very lovely man, whom I must thank for giving my Sharon a wonderful opportunity to find her talent in the work force. What Sharon has told me about Ian is that he's an outstanding employer who is caring and thoughtful to all of his employees. Then, not to mention, her friend Lisa whom I must say I must thank for giving my Sharon some really good ideas to bring over here with her. (Lisa you know what I mean!) And by the way, Lisa I WILL take very good care of her, as I have to. There's no other choice. She's my universe, my lover, my friend, my most wise counsel. For me to neglect in taking care of her would be like cutting out my right eye and my trigger finger. For a soldier, that's just something you don't do!

A wonderful work environment, now, that is something you don't hear much about these days, and I thank the Almighty for placing these two beautiful people in her path. But, in sheer desperation to keep her in England working for him, I have received the following message from Ian on this very blog. Here it is reproduced for your reading pleasure...

The Boss Here
This is just a joke Sharon and Lisa are only allowing me to be the boss for ten minutes - so I will have to be quick. Tell you more when Sharon goes to Starbucks god help us with the orgasms she'll have thinking about you. I am plotting ways to keep her here and the one that has the most votes is a letter to the US embassy saying that she is a member of a terrorist organisation plotting to blow up a house, but we cannot say the colour because in the UK we have to be politically correct.


Sharon's Boss and Friend

Nice touch Ian and very funny too! Who says I don't "get" English humor! I really understand how you feel because Sharon is truly wonderful isn't she? But, I have to explain why I can't cave in and let you and Lisa have your way.

The last 4 months and a couple of weeks, I've been busting my butt to prepare my home for Sharon's arrival. Even after spending a month in the most miserable place on earth, the National Training Center in Death Valley California, I continued my cleaning and repairing of my house, which I was awarded along with my children, in a settlement against my ex-wife. My ex-wife, realizing that everything was going to go my way, tried to turn the place into a wreck so I would drop the issue, but I didn't. It was a matter of principal and the well being of my children was at stake so, there you go.

Just in case you all want to know what this miserable training area looks like, well here it is above. NTC is hell on earth. Literally.

I would rather spend a year in Iraq, than a month in this place. It's hotter, dustier, and for some ungodly reason seems to be a place where on every rotation of units, someone ends up either dead or seriously injured. NTC is a realistic simulation of how we conduct our wartime mission. Now, while I may groan and moan about this place, I am thankful for it, as I and my cohorts receive top notch training, so that we can bring the pain upon our enemies around the world. Oh, and for those liberals out there, the "surge" of forces in Iraq IS working, which again is a testament to the training that we receive in "Hell on Earth".

Anyway, just so my Sharon knows, the "nest" that I'm preparing for her will be very comfortable and warm. As I've mentioned to her, the greatest gift other than love for her that I can give her is time. We wouldn't want her to come over here and feel that she has to put her cleaning hat on, and get busy. So, I have gone straight up domestic and here's a before and after picture to prove it.


And after...

This is only the living room, the entire house was in a state of total disarray, but I am never one to give up on anything, so Martha Stuart, I'm going to give you a run for the money!

I am almost complete with the overhaul, and by the time Sharon arrives, I will be done both inside of the house and on the outside. Just thought I'd share that with you, in case you were wondering.

Now, of course, I understand that Sharon will be missed, but I have promised her that every couple of years, we'll be going back to England to visit, so, what I suggest is that those of you who care for her, keep in contact with her. In addition, should you ever decide to go on holiday, you all are more than welcome to come over and visit us, in the great state of Texas. Our door is always open for you, and it would be a delight to have you. Besides, I can throw down in the kitchen and will be more than willing to serve up something delicious like my "world famous" chimichangas.....

Or if you are daring and can handle the complexity of flavors and spiciness that Ethiopian food has to offer, you can sample a plate of delicious delicacies from my home countries of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Many Ethiopian dishes are similar to curries you'd find in India as in ancient times India and Ethiopia traded ideas when it came to food. So, I know you all would find it quite appealing.

Absolutely delicious! I'm a "foody" type, I can't help it! LOL! See what you've done, now I'm getting hungry again!

For more information about Ethiopian restaurants and food go to this link here.

Well, the invitation has been given, and I only give it once, so as I like to say, Sharon's friends are my friends, and vice-versa!

Anyway though, just think, a macho, foul mouthed, bar room brawling type of a soldier, cleaning up and decorating like (I would say better than) a woman would? For Sharon not to come over and spend her life with me would definitely be bad form, as now my ego and my image are both on the line. So, there really is no choice now, is there?

I must close this now, as it is getting pretty long winded, I must say in the words of the immortal and greatest recording artist of all time, Michael Jackson...actually I have to leave you with this video, and you can get the words there...

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