Thursday, September 13, 2007

Background Info About Destroyer Divine

Well ladies and gentlemen, this week has been a very hectic and busy week. Usually my days are busy but this week, has really been one for the record. This entry will give you a snapshot of my life of sorts. Just a small one because this isn't just about me really, this blog is more about what I think, rather than my existence, which by any means is pretty simple, structured, organized, but packed to the hilt!

My day usually begins at 4:30 in the morning where upon I wake my children up and get them ready for school. Once 6:00 AM arrives, I'm pushing my elementary school aged son, Mik'el Jr. out the door and into the car so that I can drive him to his before school program with the local YMCA where he will get a good hot breakfast and some before school studying done, if he needs it. My daughter Jihan, who is in middle school, catches a small break as she doesn't have to leave the house until 7:00 AM, so, I'll give her small house cleaning tasks to fill in her time until she has to go to school which is only a 15 minute walk from our house. By 6:20 I am walking up to my physical fitness formation and then at 6:30 we're saluting the flag and then the usually off key singing of the "Fourth Infantry Division" song, after which those soldiers that are on mission, ill or cannot participate in the exercises, will go to the back of the formation and be approved to either go to work or sick call.After Physical Training (PT as we call it in the army), we head back home to shower and change into uniform for work. My work day consists of doing maintenance on my HEMTT Fuel trucks or fueling up the Apache Longbow helicopters that make up the bulk of my battalion. In addition to my refuelling duties, I am the fuel accountability Non Commissioned Officer in my unit, and have to maintain our fuel receipt account with deadly accuracy. But, the most important responsibility, on my job, are the 9 soldiers who fall under my area of responsibility, whom I must train, account for, and otherwise take care of their needs and woes. By 9:00 AM, I arrive at work, and do my best to put in 100% every single day, as I personally feel that as a soldier, the taxpayers are my actual employers and being a taxpayer myself, I feel that we have a duty to always perform to the best of our ability. With that, I definitely make sure that my soldiers are giving just as much, which usually causes them to complain and grumble, but there really isn't much they can do about it, except for execute my orders and commands. That's the Army way, you know. Follow the leader as the old adage states. By 5:00 PM, our day ends, and if I've done my job correctly, they will have done two very important things: Learned something and gained a sense of accomplishment.

Now, with all of that, I do have a personal life, and a wonderfully loving and supportive girlfriend, but our relationship is extremely long distance in it's application.
Her name is Sharon, and she lives in England.
Sharon has two beautiful daughters, Amy and Katie who are her pride and joy. We met online after the demise of my 2nd failed marriage, to my children's mother Marie. Since meeting Sharon, we've communicated continually online, over the phone and visited each other twice within our year and a half relationship. Last December (after arriving off of deployment to Iraq) after spending a month back in Texas, where I live, we spent half of the month together here in Texas and the other half in England.
Then in May, she came to the States and stayed with me for two weeks and built upon a wonderful foundation, and if all goes well, by late December our plans of being together completely will be accomplished as she will be moving to the USA permanently.

The other aspect of my personal life, which I feel is the most important facet are my children, Jihan and Mik'el Jr.
These two are my "carbon copies" and occupy the most of my off duty time. As a single parent, I fully accept all of the responsibility of their care, education, welfare, emotional support, financial issues and most of all give them loads of love! They are an extension of me, and provide continual companionship and often times, entertainment. They are my everything! As time goes on throughout this blog, there will be several times that I refer to these two very important people, so not only do I teach them life's lessons, I learn volumes from them as well!
So, now we have most of the pieces of the puzzle of my life, and enough background information to get into the "meat" of this blog which will hopefully outline my take on life itself.


Ian Brady Moors Murderer said...

The Boss Here
This is just a joke Sharon and Lisa are only allowing me to be the boss for ten minutes - so I will have to be quick. Tell you more when Sharon goes to Starbucks god help us with the orgasams she'll have thing about you.
I am plotting ways to keep her here and the one that has the most votes is a letter to the US embassy saying that she is a member of a terorist organisations plotting to blow up the a house but we cannot say the colour because in the UK we have to be politcally correct.
Sharons Boss and Friend

Anonymous said...

HiYa Big Bolocks
Only me
Just a quickie --- to say look after my little friend cause if you don't you will need more than the US army to protect you.
You have got yourself a diry bitch there! SO make sure you have been exercising because you are going to need the energy. As she is doing my ed in talking about nipple claps all th' time
Good luck for everything you do as long as it is with Sharon - see ya later potata.